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Here are details of the offical Exams associated with the

Next-Gen IT Certification

Programs. Currently, these include exams for







Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence

. Each link below displays the corresponding Exam details along with details of the Self-study kits you can purchase for the Exam

D90.01 Module I: Fundamental DevOps

D90.01 Module 2: DevOps in Practice

D90.01 Module 3 : DevOps Lab

Blockchain Module 1 : Fundamental Blockchain

Blockchain Module 2 : Blockchain Technology & Architecture

Blockchain Module 3 : Blockchain Technology & Architecture Lab

Machine Learning Module 1: Fundamental Machine Learning

Machine Learning Module 2: Advanced Machine Learning

Machine Learning Module 3: Machine Learning Lab

Artificial Intelligence Module 1: Fundamental Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Module 2: Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Module 3: Artificial Intelligence Lab

Internet of Things Module 1: Fundamental IoT

Internet of Things Module 2: IoT Technology and Architecture

Internet of Things Module 3: IoT Technology and Architecture Lab

Each exam has a unique code that contains a prefix that associates the exam with a certification. Exam codes may be displayed with or without an alphabetical version identifier. For example, Exam DO90.01 may also be displayed as Exam DO90.01A

Honors Designation

Exams that are passed with a grade that is 10 or more percentage points greater than the passing grade are considered to have been passed with honors. For example, if an exam’s passing grade is 70%, then a grade of 80% or higher is required for the exam to be considered to have been passed with honors. Whether you pass exams with a regular passing grade or with an honors grade is shown in your exam history on your AITCP account. If you pass all exams within a certification track with honors, a special version of the certificate is issued indicating that the accreditation was attained with honors and displaying a special gold-colored seal.

How to Take Exams
Next-Gen IT exams are available via Pearson Vue testing centers or online through their website. Further details can be found at

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