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Enterprising IT Manager sets up own company

With 15 years’ experience in IT consultancy and software development, Chandini Paterson knew an impressive, top-of-the-range software product when she saw it. And the ones she was evaluating for a major international company weren’t it. In fact, she already had access to the perfect product – only it was in her head. So, armed with the knowledge she could produce better results than what was currently on the market, Chandini founded her own IT company, Rhea Solutions Limited

The company’s initial software offering is a web-based solution called the Rhea Helpdesk. It can be used in any type and size of organization with a customer support function either for internal or external clients. The company is based in Glasgow with a growing presence in the Middle East and India.

Chandini, 38, has already carved out more than her initials in a sector traditionally ruled by men. Not only has she worked at the top of the IT software consultancy division – often as the only female – she was also top student in her Masters class in Computer Applications and is PMP, SOACP, SCJP and OCA certified.

She said: “I’ve always been ambitious and determined to be my own boss. My company isn’t necessarily about making money (though that would be good), but more about being able to provide a quality service to other companies and individuals – to make what they need IT-wise into a reality with a strong emphasis on quality and customer service. I’d love for Rhea Solutions to make a name for itself in this world and be considered the first choice by clients for our products and services.”

The married mum-of-one said she believes women are better suited to being entrepreneurs.“We’re used to multi-tasking,” she said simply. “Women are less single-minded and can juggle various projects on the go at the one time. Take working mothers for instance. They’re managing to combine motherhood, often a full-time career and be the lead in household responsibilities - all at the same time. It helped, of course, that I’ve always had the support of my family, particularly my husband. When I told him I was leaving my well-paid IT job to start up on my own, he never once tried to talk me out of it. My family has a lot of faith in me and knew I wouldn’t just pack in a good job on a whim.”

Today, Chandini has not only done what she originally set out to do, but she has also managed to set up a partnership with Arcitura Education, a world-renowned provider of vendor-neutral curricula with an emphasis on modern-day IT innovations

Her company, Rhea Solutions is the only UK-wide Licensed Training Partner and Authorized reseller for Arcitura and provides vendor-neutral training in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Cloud Computing throughout the UK. The next workshops are due to be held in London in May this year. In addition, the company now provides general IT Consultancy & Professional Services

Rhea Solutions is the Training Sponsor of the 5th International SOA, Cloud Service Technology Symposium 2012 in London, alongside such major players as Oracle, The Open Group and Layer7 Technologies to name a few. The biggest event of its type in the world, the Symposium showcases the latest innovations and news in SOA, Cloud Computing and Service Technology. As part of the Symposium, the company will be providing SOA and Cloud based workshops to an international audience.

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