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Rhea Solutions is back!

It had to happen. After a short break away to re-assess the move forward, Rhea Solutions are now finally back and raring to go. Their offerings have been streamlined into just IT training and Consultancy offerings.

They have partnered up with Arcitura Education again to provide all their training courses and self-study kits. This time around the courses also include Next-Gen IT programs including DevOps, Blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The training also includes trusted programs like SOA, Cloud Computing and Big Data. If this wasn't enough, they will also soon be providing Junior Professional Certification programs for students in the age group 16-20+. With more certification programs and options to take these, Rhea Solutions are extremely excited about moving ahead.

New training workshops have already been scheduled and can be viewed at Current Workshops .

Rhea Solutions also continue to provide their best in class IT Consulting services which currently includes IT Project Management, Software Development and Web Development. For further details, please check out their Consultancy Services here.

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