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Certified SOA Professional - Gen 2

There are two SOA Professional tracks. One is comprised of SOACP Modules 1 and 2 and the other is comprised of SOACP Modules 1 and 3. The outlines for these courses are provided in the upcoming pages. Completion of either set of courses as part of a virtual or on-site workshop results in each participant receiving an official digital Certificate of Completion, as well as a digital Training Badge from Acclaim/Credly.

A Certified SOA Professional has a proven understanding of the fundamentals of services, microservices, APIs and service-oriented architecture, as well as common technologies and business considerations. Depending on the exam format chosen, attaining the SOA Professional Certification can require passing a single exam or multiple exams. Those who achieve this certification receive an official digital Certificate of Excellence, as well as a digital Certification Badge from Acclaim/Credly with an account that supports the online verification of certification status.

You are provided with three flexible exam format options:

  • Complete the exams for SOACP Modules 1 and 2 or SOACP Modules 1 and 3.
  • Complete the combined Exam S90.STP.
  • Achieve any other SOACP certification. (The SOA Professional accreditation is automatically issued upon obtaining any one of the other SOACP certifications because they all encompass Modules 1 and 2 or Modules 1 and 3.)

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