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Module 13: Advanced Service API Design & Management

This course delves into a series of advanced service API design and management patterns to provide techniques for accommodating complex requirements, coupling concerns and various evolutionary and versioning challenges. Text-based and binary data serialization protocols are explored, along with a number of Web-capable RPC protocols, including gRPC, GraphQL and Falcor.

The following primary topics are covered:

  • Service API Monetization Models and Payment Models
  • Service API Denormalization and Service Decomposition
  • Service Mesh Environments and Service API Proxies
  • Non-Binary Data Serialization with XML and JSON
  • Binary Data Serialization with Protocol Buffers and Apache Avro
  • Web-Capable RPC Protocols, including gRPC, GraphQL and Avro
  • Proxy, Distributed and Decomposed Service API Capabilities
  • Validation Abstraction and Partial Abstraction
  • Service API Versioning Patterns and Uniform Contract Versioning
  • Concurrent Service APIs, Dual Protocols and Legacy Wrappers
  • Messaging Metadata and State Messaging
  • Lightweight Endpoints and Entity Linking

Duration: 1 Day


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