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Module 5 - Advanced Cloud Architecture

This course builds upon CCP Module 4 to provide a deep dive into elastic, resilient, multitenant and containerized technology architectures, as well as specialized solution architectures, such as cloud bursting and cloud balancing.

Through the study of architectural mechanisms, industry technologies and design patterns, both core and extended components are described that combine to realize elasticity, resiliency, multitenancy and associated containerization extensions as primary characteristics of cloud platforms. By leveraging these native and enhanced scalability and failover-related feature-sets, specialized solution architectures are described to enable bursting between clouds and on-premise and cloud environments, as well as the balancing of runtime loads across clouds for performance and failover purposes.

The course organizes content so that architectural layers are explored sequentially and, where appropriate, in relation to each other. Newly introduced primary components are described and shared components across architectural layers are highlighted.

The following primary topics are covered:

  • Understanding the Technology Architecture of Elastic, Resilient, Multitenant and Containerized Environments
  • Elastic Resource Capacity and Elastic Network Capacity
  • Multi-Container Isolation Control and Volatile Container Configuration
  • Serverless Deployment and Elastic Disk Provisioning
  • Leader Node Election and Micro Scatter-Gather
  • Hypervisor Clustering and Redundant Storage
  • Storage Service Gateway and Live Storage Migration
    – LUN Storage and LUN Migration
  • Dynamic Failure Detection and Recovery and Zero Downtime
  • Service Load Balancing and Load Balanced Virtual Server Instances
  • Load Balanced Virtual Switches and Persistent Virtual Network Configurations
  • Dynamic Data Normalization and Synchronized Operating State
  • Intra-Storage Device Vertical Tiering and Cross-Storage Device Vertical Tiering
  • Storage Workload Management and Storage Maintenance Window
  • Direct I/O Access and Direct LUN Access
  • Cloud Balancing and Redundant Physical Connection for Virtual Servers
  • Cloud Bursting, including Burst In and Burst Out to Private/Public Clouds

Duration: 1 Day


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