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Module 4 - Fundamental Cloud Architecture

This course provides provides a technical drill-down into the inner workings and mechanics of foundational cloud computing platforms. Private and public cloud environments are dissected into concrete, componentized building blocks (referred to as “patterns”) that individually represent platform feature-sets, functions and/or artifacts, and are collectively applied to establish distinct technology architecture layers. Building upon these foundations, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environments are further explored as compound patterns, comprised of unique and shared building blocks.

The course is structured as a guided tour through these architectural layers, describing primary components, highlighting shared components, exploring containerization extensions and explaining how building blocks can be assembled and implemented via cloud computing mechanisms and practices.

The following primary topics are covered:

  • Understanding the Technology Architecture of Private Clouds and Public Clouds
  • Understanding the Technology Architecture of SaaS, PaaS and ISaaS Environments
  • Automated Administration and Centralized Remote Administration
  • Container Sidecars and Container Chains
  • Self-Provisioning and Platform Provisioning
  • Rich Containers and Logical Pod Containers
  • Bare-Metal Provisioning and Resource Management
  • Single-Node Multi-Containers and Multipath Resource Access
  • Usage Monitoring and Broad Access
  • Realtime Resource Availability and Pay-as-You-Go
  • Shared Resources and Resource Pooling
  • Rapid Provisioning and Resource Reservation
  • Non-Disruptive Service Relocation and Service State Management
  • Workload Distribution and Dynamic Scalability

Duration: 1 Day


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