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Module 6 Self-Study Kit : Cloud Architecture Lab (Exam C90.06)

This self-study kit provides a range of materials intended for remote, self-paced study and exam preparation. 

This Arcitura study kit includes the contents listed below. These course materials are available in full-color printed format, as well as in eLearning subscription format, via online access and offline file download. 

  • Lab Exercises Booklet 
  • Self-Study Guide 
  • Mind Map Poster 
  • Pattern and Mechanism Mapping Posters 
  • Lab Exercise Architectural Solution Posters 
  • Flashcards 
  • Audio Tutor Recordings (usb)


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Module Detail : Module 6 - Cloud Architecture Lab

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Module 6 Self-Study Kit : Cloud Architecture Lab (Exam C90.06) - Cloud Certified Professional Self Study Kit
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