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Certified Cloud Architect

The Cloud Architect track is comprised of CCP Modules 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6. The final course module consists of a series of lab exercises that require participants to apply their knowledge of the preceding courses in order to fulfill project requirements and solve real world problems. Completion of these courses as part of a virtual or on-site workshop results in each participant receiving an official digital Certificate of Completion, as well as a digital Training Badge from Acclaim/Credly.

A Certified Cloud Architect has demonstrated proficiency in the technology architecture that underlies cloud platforms and cloud-based IT resources and solutions, and has mastered the hands-on application of design patterns, principles and practices used to engineer and evolve such environments. Depending on the exam format chosen, attaining the Cloud Architect Certification can require passing a single exam or multiple exams. Those who achieve this certification receive an official digital Certificate of Excellence, as well as a digital Certification Badge from Acclaim/Credly with an account that supports the online verification of certification status.

You are provided with three flexible exam format options:

  • Complete Exam C90.CAR, a single combined exam for the entire Cloud Architect certification track. Recommended for those who want to only take a single exam that encompasses all course modules within this track.


  • Complete the partial version of Exam C90.CAR. Recommended for those who have already obtained a CCP certification and would like to achieve the Cloud Architect Certification without having to be retested on CCP Modules 1 and 2.


Pass the following individual exams

Note that all certification requirements and course contents are reviewed and revised quarterly to stay in alignment with industry developments.


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