IT Consultancy Services

It Consultancy Services

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IT departments have never been under greater pressure to do more with less. Combining extensive experience and unparalleled technical capability, our IT Consultants can help you achieve your IT targets. Our IT Consulting Services can help you built innovative solutions that are cost-effective and scalable with an emphasis on performance, agility and usability.

Rhea Solutions offer a comprehensive range of

IT Consultancy

Services. Our IT Consultancy service includes the following:
IT Software Solutions

IT Software Solutions

Our bespoke software development service lets you create IT solutions that are specific to your needs and requirements. Let us help you create software that follows your business processes, rather than you trying to fit your processes around an off-the-shelf product!

Website Design and Development

Website Development

Competition is fierce in today's fast paced world and not having a company website could mean that your potential customers end up going to your competitors. Rhea Solutions offer a cost-effective Website Design and Development solutions to help you create or improve your web presence.

IT Project management

IT Project Management

IT Project Management is a specialized skill and good project managers can mean the difference between a successful and failed projects. Our IT Project Management consultants have the requisite skills and focus to complete your IT projects on time, within budget and scope.

Software Product Development

Product Development

Rhea Solutions provide a cost-effective and complimentary service to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with our Software Product Development service. We can help you create highly agile, robust software products that deliver a quick ROI.

Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Bringing together technology expertise and business acumen, our Systems Integration consultants can help you transform your silo-based enterprise systems into a single streamlined entity to produce a seamless transfer of data and reducing inefficient workarounds.

Legacy System Modernization

Legacy Systems Modernization

Our legacy systems modernization service can help you extend the life of your legacy systems. This can be done in various ways including upgrading systems, providing new interfaces, integrating with other systems and so on.

We can work on a fixed-price IT consulting model or an open-ended consulting model as per your needs. For more information on any of our IT consultancy and professional services, please click on the relevant link to the left-hand side of this page.

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